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Reporting Services ‘New Document’ requires a Microsoft SharePoint Foundation-compatible application and web browser…

Once again I’ve exhausted all possible searches on google to find an answer as to why I am getting an error when I click new for either Report Builder report or new data source content types in my BI Site using the out of the box SharePoint Business Intelligence site template.

Ok, so all of my Reporting Services features are activated as per the default installation and the SharePoint Add-in has been installed/reinstalled plenty of times and this makes no difference as suggested by other forums.



‘New Document’ requires a Microsoft SharePoint Foundation-compatible application and web browser…




Download or copy the rssharepoint.msi to your local drive and extract the msi package.

Msiexec.exe /i rsSharePoint.msi SKIPCA=1
  1. Open a command prompt with administrator permissions and run a files only installation as described in the previous section.
  2. Find the rsCustomAction.exe file on the file system. This file is copied to your computer by the Setup program. The file will be located in the %Temp% directory. To get the path information for this file, Type the following from the command prompt:
  3. CD %temp%.The file should be located in: \Users\<your name>\AppData\Local\Temp
  4. Type the following command. This configuration step will take several minutes to finish. The W3SVC service will be restarted during this process. Several Status messages will be displayed as the program copies files, registers components, and runs the SharePoint Product Configuration Wizard.
  5. rsCustomAction.exe /i

SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard version 15.0.4420. 1017.

Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 2012. All rights reserved.

copyappbincontents command completed successfully.

Adding ReportServer feature to farm.

Installed ReportServer feature.

Adding ReportServer feature to farm.

This process can take up to about 5-10mins, so be patient.


Once this has reinstated the Reporting Services content types, proceed to the next step of deleting the Reporting Services content types in your document library.

Deleting Reporting Content Types and Add them back into your document library again.

1. Browse to your document library and go to the Library settings

2. We will want go through the same process for all three content types listed. Click on Report Data Source


3. Proceed to Delete the content type


5. Add the Content Type by choosing the ‘add from existing content types’RSContenttypes-Add

6. Select the SQL Server Reporting Services Content Types Group, and Add the Report Data Source and click OK.


Browse or refresh your Reporting/BI site and choose the Report Data Source or the Content type that you have just refreshed again.

In my case I had to perform step 1 first before this would work. It would be worth while testing step 2 before going through the reinstall and extraction process to force the content types to install and activate. Step 1 will also modify and add the Reporting Services extensions in the DOCICON.XML for you.


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